Young mum Fiona came to one of our children’s centres with her two-month-old baby boy because she felt isolated and was looking for support.

The 20-year-old didn’t have a support network, was very shy, and lacked confidence - so she was finding it tough to make new friends.

We suggested a 10-week baby PEEP (Parents as Early Education Partners) course, and introduced Fiona to staff there so that she’d feel more comfortable at her first meetings. We kept in touch with her to see how things were going, and to find out if was enjoying the course.

Fiona was having trouble getting her baby boy into a sleeping routine, so we gave advice about getting him down early and in his own bed. We also signposted her to a young parents group at nearby Yateley Children’s Centre, as well as to baby massage and weaning workshops.

There’s been a big improvement in Fiona’s confidence and self-esteem since attending the groups. She attends regularly each week, and is a very positive role model for the other parents in the young parents group. She talks directly to the other mums, and has become a great support to fellow group members.

Now 21, Fiona has gone from being encouraged to build friendships, to independently making friends and helping others. Her relationship with her baby is fantastic and they have a wonderful attachment. He is a thriving, happy and content little baby and is developing well.

Fiona is doing a wonderful job to ensure they have the best start in life and as many experiences as possible.

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