Our work in England

Action for Children was founded in England over 147 years ago.

Last year we helped 301,000 children, young people and their families and remain the largest voluntary provider of Sure Start Children’s Centres. We continue to lead the way in developing innovative services including shaping the first Early Help hubs, such as those in Worcester.

Back in 1996 we established the first intensive family support service and remain the leader in delivering new innovative and evidence-based programmes, changing families lives for the better.


In England we:

  • Run over 550 services.
  • Work with over 250,000 children and families, to make sure they get the help they need. 
  • Work in partnership with local authorities and other agencies
  • Give young people the change to fulfill their potential, and to make the most of their lives

Our work in England includes...


Kent Parent & Child Fostering 

Our parent and child fostering gives parents a safe place to live and makes sure children get a positive start in life. Young parents and their babies join a family together, enabling parents and babies to stay together long-term as they move on from the foster home.

Many new parents don't have the support network they need to help them navigate parenting. Parent and child fostering provides access to hands-on guidance, whether it's needed for a few weeks or 18 months.


Dorset Nightstop

Dorset Nightstop provides emergency accommodation for homeless young people aged between 16-25 years. The young people stay in the homes of carefully recruited, fully checked and trained volunteers who are supported by project staff. Accommodation is on a one night at time a time basis for a maximum of three nights.

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Policy & Campaigns in England

We influence politicians to create change to improve the lives of disadvantaged children. By influencing the UK Government’s laws and policies, we can help more children beyond those we reach through our services. We do this by presenting hard evidence and experience from the ground to make our case. We provide a platform for children and young people to bring their experiences to the heart of government.

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