Grace had a catheter balloon inserted into her heart and will need further surgery when she’s five to close up the holes permanently.


Her development has been delayed compared to her older brother and sister – she’s crawling but not walking yet and her baby teeth haven’t come through.

Her mother, Olisa, says: “It was very difficult to accept when we were told before she was born that there was a 50/50 chance she’d be born with Down’s syndrome so I started preparing my mind from that day on that I was going to have a child with special needs.”

A health worker referred Grace to a children’s centre run by Action for Children. The family gets 121 support and Grace attends a weekly crèche for children with special needs and plays in the sensory room.

It has improved her development, because of the social interaction
Grace's mum, Olisa

“She hasn’t started communicating yet but at least now she can understand things I say to her. She loves being around people and playing - she’s friendly and sociable, everyone loves her and anyone who speaks to her wants to cuddle her.”

Olisa says she wants Grace to have the same opportunities as her other children.

“I want to see her grow up and become someone in life. That’s why I’m doing all I can do now to give her the best opportunities in life. My daughter is a part of me and whatever happens to her happens to me.”

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