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Spring Nurseries



Child development

Our aim is to provide an environment where your child will feel emotionally safe and secure so they can grow and learn. 

Working with you, our highly trained staff will ensure your child has an individual assessment and development plan.


Your child will be supported to develop their:

  • speech, listening skills, and ability to read and write.
  • understanding of problem solving, reasoning and numeracy.
  • knowledge, skills and understanding that help them make sense of the world.
  • physical abilities, keeping your child active and help them to improve coordination, control, manipulation and movement skills.
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Value for money

Our nursery fees are very competitive and great value for money. We make best use of the free 2 year and 3-4 year old offer.

We are signed up to accept all of the following:

  • Early years vouchers
  • Child care vouchers
  • Free salary sacrifice schemes

In addition all of our nurseries offer sessional charges and reduced day rates. Don't know if you can get help with childcare costs? Visit Childcare Choices or speak to our nursery staff 

"Outstanding: Children are extremely well looked after. Excellent deployment of highly qualified staff, along with detailed and precise care planning, help to provide every child with the specific support they need. This includes children who have special educational needs or disabilities."

Bensham Grove Day Nursery
Ofsted Report: April 2016