Our response to the Queen's Speech

Posted by AfC Policy and campaigns / Wednesday 18 May 2016 / Government spending
In response to the announcement of the Children and Social Work Bill and life chances indicators in the Queen’s speech today (Thursday 18 May), Emma Smale, Head of Policy and Research at charity Action for Children, and Co-Chair of the Alliance for Children in Care said:

“The Children and Social Work Bill is an opportunity for the government to make it clear that a principle for care must be helping children and young people to recover from past trauma and to promote their emotional wellbeing. New regulation of the system must ensure outcomes are measured more effectively to drive up standards and achieve this aim.

“Favouring adoptions and speeding up the adoption process is one option, but the quality and stability of care is the most important consideration, whether it is achieved through foster care, residential or special guardianships.”

“For this Parliament to make a difference to all children’s futures, then the life chances indicators mentioned today must measure the development of younger children”.

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