What’s next for #FairDeal?

Posted by AfC Policy and campaigns / Monday 22 February 2016 / Cost of living

We’ve been speaking to disadvantaged young people about their worries as they enter adulthood.

Some are leaving care, some have been homeless, and others are young parents. Whatever their personal story, they need the same thing as every teenager – love, security, guidance, self-esteem. This helps them navigate the world.


But self-confidence can be hard to come by when you have reasons to distrust the very people who want to help. Young people in care often move homes frequently, with little say in the matter. Their education is often disrupted. And if they’ve experienced the trauma of abuse or witnessed domestic violence, they’ll still be living with the effects as they reach adulthood.

Believing you’re worth anyone’s time and attention can be hard, and trusting authority (like banks and other institutions) can be even harder. But taking control of one aspect of your life can be empowering, and can help boost your self-esteem. The young people we asked said that money worries loomed especially large as they approached adulthood, so we’re focusing on helping them become confident about their finances.

"The most important thing is to feel love feel accepted and – I don’t have that... I try not to form attachments because people just let me down."

Our #FairDeal campaign is calling on the Government to pay attention to the most disadvantaged young people and appoint a champion. Someone who will convince ministers, banks, employment advisors and others to help boost young people’s money skills.

And that’s where you come in.

Watch Casey’s video below to get inspired – then, write to your MP. Tell them why you think it’s important that disadvantaged young people get the attention they need.

Email your local MP, asking them to call for effective leadership on financial capability.

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