Learning to manage money made me grow up

Posted by AfC Policy and campaigns / Monday 26 October 2015 / Financial education
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A lot of adults I talk to think I live better than I do, spending money on items I didn’t always need. In truth, I just had my priorities mixed up – short term thrills instead of thinking what I would need in the long term.

I’m glad to say this all changed, thanks to my support worker who encouraged me to go on Barclay’s Money Skills. This is a programme Action for Children runs with Barclays, teaching young people money skills – understanding the everyday money bits. The programme really helped, it changed my outlook on money and generally made me more confident. 

"Adults use long and confusing words, they need to use simpler language so that young people can understand"


This new outlook on money hasn’t come from any new secret solution, it has come from adults listening. I’m not asking for sympathy from anyone, just a trusted person I can go to and ask questions and learn from. More importantly, it would be so good if this person just used simple language, everyday talk to explain these hard to understand words.

Managing money really did make me feel more confident as a person. Everyone my age deserves to feel this confidence boost and have a positive relationship with money

My call to everyone reading this is why not get involved and help young people like me out! Give me and young people my age the benefit of doubt, what looks like too much money is most likely us not budgeting properly! Learning about money skills changed this for me, I know it will for other people my age. So to those in power, come on, have our backs!

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