Fair Deal: young people win money skills boost

Posted by AfC Policy and campaigns / Wednesday 28 October 2015 / Financial education

We’re celebrating at Action for Children today!

Vulnerable young people came a step nearer to getting proper money skills support with the release of the UK Financial Capability Strategy. It maps out how governments, charities, regulators and business can help people manage money well and handle periods of financial difficulty.

We’ve been campaigning for a better deal for young people for some time. Many of those we work with didn’t learn how to manage money at home or at school. It’s crucial that, when the time comes for them to live independently, they’re equipped with the skills they need to find a job. This includes being confident with money.

Feeling in control of money means more than extra pennies in your pocket – it helps you feel on top of life. 

"Managing money really did make me feel more confident as a person. Everyone my age deserves to feel this confidence boost and have a positive relationship with money."

Young campaigner

Our Fair Deal campaign focuses on money skills, but it’s also about self-esteem, optimism and decision-making. These are not just job skills, but life skills. And they’re skills every one of us should have the chance to start our adult life with.

A strategy isn’t the whole answer, but it’s an important step along the road. We’ll be pressing the UK and national governments to turn the strategy into action, especially as they develop new youth employment programmes.

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