Your amazing campaign wins in 2014 – here’s to more in 2015

Posted by AfC Policy and campaigns / Friday 02 January 2015 / Care leavers Child neglect Law

What a year it has been! Together we have made real change happen. In 2014, Action for Children and you, our campaign supporters, achieved a lot. Our highlights were:

  • Neglect law change: we convinced the Government to make emotional abuse illegal. The introduction of the Serious Crime Bill will change the law in England and Wales to make emotional abuse of children a criminal offence.
  • Chance to stay campaign: thanks to your emails, phone calls, letters and stories, the Welsh Assembly changed the law so that young people are able to stay with their foster carers up to 21 if they wish to. When we started this campaign, the Welsh Government had no plans to support young people in foster care after the age of 18 – we changed that!

 These big campaign wins are testament to the hard work of every single one of you supporters. We couldn't have done it without you generously giving up your time and effort – it’s paid off!

 There is plenty more we can do to help the most vulnerable children and young people, so join our successful campaigns team now:

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 Another highlight was meeting the two young people (hi, Allen and Vicky!) who came with us to party conferences. They shared their thoughts on leaving care with politicians and party members and wowed the whole room. Read these two interesting blogs:

 2014 has been a year full of campaign wins, and 2015 can be as well! The fast approaching General Election may have decision-makers distracted, but that’s all the more reason to get your campaigning hats on right now. Here are two areas you can get started with:

  • Paying the Price: we’re raising concerns about young people who have not learnt about money in the usual way – through school or home – because they aren’t positive places for them. Read more about how to get involved here.
  • Serious Crime Bill: we have convinced the Government to make emotional abuse illegal – a Bill is being debated Parliament right now. The latest debate will be on Monday, so keep your eyes peeled here for updates. 

2014 has shown how successful we can be when we work together to create changes that improve the lives of the most vulnerable children and young people – join us to continue this fight in 2015.

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