ARTiculation weekend – young people lead the charge

Posted by Abdi Mohamed / Friday 14 August 2015 / Participation

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending Articulation, a creative confidence building weekend for children and young people we work with. Sixty young people come together to learn new skills, meet other young people from different backgrounds, gain confidence and generally have a good time. Check out the hashtag #articulation2015.  

What a weekend it was! It was great to see young people who use all kinds of Action for Children services, from short breaks and disability services to young carers and young parents, all come together and bond. There were opportunities for them to try their hands at visual arts, dance, drumming, spoken word, drama and singing, all while improving their social skills. It was a brilliant experience to watch, but also get involved in. Going through all the emotions of a new experience, taking you out of your comfort was both exciting and daunting but worth every minute.

As part of the weekend, we spoke to them about managing money and our latest campaign. Young people want to be in control of their money, so we are pressing for them to get the right help at the right time. The Getting a Fair Deal report and campaign builds on research started in 2014, which examined vulnerable young people’s experiences of accessing financial education, advice and support where and when they need it.

Young people had already told us that they worried about how to manage money and avoid financial problems like debt. This was an opportunity for other young people to tell us what they thought and get involved. As it should be, it’s the people affected who should and are the ones leading our campaigns!

For our session, we asked them two questions. Firstly, how does the thought of managing money make them feel? Secondly, when they manage money well, how does it make them feel?

We captured their thoughts as images, and here you can see two examples of the creative, passionate and totally honest responses of young people on their journey to a positive relationship with managing money.

Look out for more of these photos in the coming weeks but, for now, sign up to campaign with us to take action!

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