Our day as campaigners #TakeoverDay

Posted by Stephan and Josh / Friday 21 November 2014 / Participation

Today is Takeover Day, which is a national event run by the Children’s Commissioner. They day is a chance for children and young people to learn about decision making and to make their voices heard. Josh and Stephan have joined us to take over our Policy and Campaigns work...

We were invited to visit the Action for Children office in London. It was a great opportunity to learn from other people. We (Josh & Stephan) and Fez have come over from Guernsey to take part in Takeover day here at Action for Children. We also had the chance to explore London and go shopping.

I (Josh) love London, how lively the capital is!  It was my first opportunity to visit. It really has a great energy. Although London and Guernsey are different places, they have the same problem with affordable housing for young people. – We had the opportunity to work with the campaigns team to have a go at planning a campaign – The topic of  affordable housing for young people is what we decided to focus our campaign planning on.

The problem in Guernsey with housing for young people is sky high rent with poor quality accommodation. Having lived in Guernsey our entire lives, we had first hand experience of this issue.

We set about our planning by deciding our main aim for the campaign followed by three main objectives to help us achieve our goal of affordable housing. This was followed by us developing our creative strategy and tactics for the campaign.

We look forward to getting back to Guernsey so we can use the campaign skills like planning and identifying different media opportunities to start raising better awareness of this really important issue.

"I loved the opportunity to formulate a campaign plan that speaks for so many people in Guernsey."

"The campaigns training was really helpful in showing us how to get our point across. Particularly to local politicians. It has inspired us to try the things that we learnt today in the future, particularly involving people in campaigns online through Facebook."


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