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Posted by Rhea Stevens / Friday 14 March 2014 / Chance to stay Children in care

On Tuesday, the Assembly will vote whether to improve the law that will give young people in Wales a chance to stay with their foster carers until they're 21. They will vote on whether the law should say councils should provide financial support and whether the decision to stay or not should be down to young people and their foster carers.

To make sure we make the most of this opportunity, we asked you to email us and tell us in one sentence why you think young people should have a Chance to Stay.

We put them all together and made a picture of your words./p>

We wrote a message to Gwenda on the back.

We didn't have an envelope big enough so we had to make do.

We took it down to the National Assembly for Wales for Gwenda to read. Don't worry we didn't just leave it outside!

We probably won't hear back from Gwenda before Tuesday but this, and the letter to all AMs from the young campaigners, will make sure fostered young people are right at the front of their minds when they vote.


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