Dear Assembly Members

Posted by James Blair / Wednesday 12 March 2014 / Chance to stay Children in care

Who's running our campaign to let young people have the Chance to Stay with their foster families? Young people of course.

They've driven the campaign from the start. Ahead of a vote to strengthen the rules on giving a Chance to Stay and to make more money available, the young people have written to all Assembly Members. They want to make sure AMs understand how important this is to fostered young people and, well read for yourself...

This letter will be dropping on AMs mats over the next few days. We'll also be presenting Deputy Minister, Gwenda Thomas, what you told us makes a Chance to Stay so important later this week.

All this is in the lead up to the Report Stage of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill (the piece of law we're trying to change).

Together (you, us and of course the group of young people), we've pushed this issue right up the political agenda. Let's hope Tuesday can be the celebration we, and young people in foster care, need.

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