Paul Goggins MP – a politician from a different mould

Posted by AfC Policy and campaigns / Wednesday 08 January 2014 / Children in care

Today we are struggling to come to terms with the tragic death of Paul Goggins MP.

Paul was a friend to many of us in the children’s sector, and a truly great champion for our cause. He worked tirelessly and with determined good humour to achieve some great strides for vulnerable children, young people and families.

With a background as a social worker, and having worked with Action for Children (then NCH) in a children’s home, Paul had a passion for improving the lives of disadvantaged children, especially those in care.

His achievements as a backbench MP show what can be done if a politician focuses on issues rather than allegiances. Paul had more respect amongst his ‘rival’ parties than anyone I have ever worked with. As David Blunkett said in his tribute to Paul, he was "someone who was in a different mould to the rest of us".

In recent years, Paul’s campaigning in the chamber and behind the scenes led to Government measures such as extending the care leaving age to 21, a £17m saving accounts scheme for care leavers, and the universal expansion of free schools meals.

These and many other credits are a testament to Paul’s passion and determination, and his passing will be a great loss to any future campaign to help vulnerable children.

Personally I will miss a man who embodied the hope and inspiration that politics and politicians can bring.

Paul was a friend and a mentor and I will miss him greatly.

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