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Hi, I’m Aaron. I’m a service user ambassador from the Southwark Young Carer’s project. Today I have had the privilege to be involved with Action for Children’s take over day.

On arrival me and a group of ambassadors were taken to a meeting room and briefed on the day and our roles. I had chosen to work with the Public Policy team as I found that it was the field that interested me most and one I felt I could get the most out of.

The Public Policy team covers Action for Children’s policies, campaigns and research work. I was greeted by many helpful and cheerful individuals who work in the Public Policy team; they briefed me on what they did as a team and what I could help with for the day.

The first thing I did was to give my input and opinion on a project to do with Action for Children’s annual neglect review. The team seemed genuinely interested and listened very attentively to what I had to say. I felt that my opinion was of importance and that it would be helpful to the upcoming project. I hope to see how my opinions are added to the project when it is released.

I was then allowed to make a few tweets on the Action for Children  Public Policy twitter account.

After making the tweets I was then asked to give some feedback on the current Action for Children website which will hopefully be put into action in the new web design.

All of the young people involved in Takeover day then came to give feedback about Action for Children services and what Action for Children meant to us, some included that Action for Children was ‘super’, ‘nice’ and felt like ‘family’. Some ambassadors were asked what they thought about the day, they said…

  • "I’ve enjoyed meeting new people, working with the teams and using Twitter for the first time" Matt, 18, Disability Lincolnshire.
  • Christina 16, from Southwark Young Carers joined the fundraising team. She said "it was fun but I also learnt about the different roles a fundraiser has to do. P.S. It’s not that easy!"
  • Our Project Worker, Emma, said "I really enjoyed hearing the young people’s views and ideas about Action for Children as an organisation. I hope to see some of them put into action soon!"

 Overall, Takeover Day was a valuable experience that I wont forget anytime soon!

Kyle, 18

Today I went to the National Assembly for Wales to speak about young people leaving care. I went with Rhea, Stephen and Freda to speak to David Melding AM.

When we first arrived we had to go through these big security systems – it felt a little bit threatening, but once we were inside we had time to look around and take a few pictures.

When David Melding AM asked me about my story and how I feel about the law, I explained my story and told him that I feel 18 is too young to leave a foster care home or residential home. With extra time young people are able to plan more of their future, like education, so they don’t feel rushed into any life changing decisions that could make or break their future without them having a say in the matter. It’s not a lot of time, but it makes a huge difference. Independence doesn’t happen overnight, so you do need more time.

I enjoyed my day, and it was really interesting and worthwhile. It’s good to know there are people fighting for us who are in care. If no one said anything about it nothing would change. I was proud to join in.

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