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Why volunteer with Action for Children?

“I started because I wanted to give something back. Now a year later I carry on because I genuinely enjoy doing it, and the kids I volunteer with are great and so much fun!”

There are lots of benefits to becoming a volunteer with Action for Children. You can learn new skills, improve your CV, build your confidence and make new friends. We’ve got lots of opportunities for you to get involved in, from helping mentor a young person to taking part at fundraising events.

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5 ways to get involved

There are many different ways you can help children in the UK. Whatever your skills and experience, and however much time you can offer, we have a volunteering opportunity for you. You’ll get support and training if you need it, and you’ll make a real difference.

5 ways you can volunteer


Employer supported volunteering

Employer supported volunteering (ESV) is a way for employers and companies to give something back to the community whilst gaining great benefits in return. You and your co-workers could help by undertaking a practical task, like creating a sensory garden or transforming a therapy room. Ask your boss about volunteering through work.

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Could you advise other parents?

Parent champions are parents who have had a positive experience of using childcare and/or supporting their child’s early learning. They use these experiences to volunteer as advocates and peer advisers to other parents in their community. If you are interested in using your experience of bringing up children to help others, find out whether we run a scheme in your area.

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Could you help out at a big event?

We need volunteers who can help out at our events across the UK, and we’d love it if you could join our team. By joining our event volunteering squad you can be part of some great events like the London Marathon and make a real difference.

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Investing in Volunteers Award

We are so proud to have achieved the Investing in Volunteers award. Our volunteers feel recognised, supported and proud to donate their time and experience to help vulnerable children and young people.

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