General election

Children and young people are at risk of being forgotten in this general election.

We were all surprised when Theresa May announced a general election for 8th June. However, we felt as though this is a great opportunity to show politicians from across the political spectrum that the needs of children and young people are at risk of slipping off the agenda.

The stage is set for this election to be dominated by discussions about negotiating positions and deadlines. And yet the future isn’t just about getting a good deal for the UK. It’s also about the support we provide children and young people.


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However, at critical times in their lives, children and young people are not getting the support they need to grow and thrive:

  • From before they are 5 years old, inequality means that children from poorer backgrounds are falling behind in a way that is likely to affect their adult lives
  • Children and young people are often left struggling with their mental health without support, while we know that 50% of mental health issues appear before a young person is 14
  • With increasing demand on children’s services, and yet reduced resources, children are not always getting the care they need, when they need it


To tackle these, the needs of vulnerable children and young people must be higher up the political agenda.

At Action for Children, our ambition is that any child who needs help, gets help. This is why we need to speak out fearlessly to ensure that children and young people are not forgotten in this election.

That’s why we’re asking you to join us in breaking through the political noise, to get the issues affecting children and young people back on the agenda of every political party.

Please sign our petition to party leaders urging them to make sure they don’t forget vulnerable children and young people in this election.

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