Members are asked to make a minimum financial contribution from £5,000 per year, ideally for three years.

Your membership with Women Taking Action contributes towards early action programmes tackling child neglect. Current members also donate their time and expertise to the group by attending meetings, and sharing knowledge and information with senior Action for Children staff.

Members have the opportunity to visit Action for Children projects, attend social events and receive personalised updates on the work that is made possible by their support.

Through a mutually rewarding partnership, Women Taking Action provides an exclusive opportunity for women to network, socialise and grow personal and business connections, whilst making a lasting difference to the most disadvantaged children in this country.

Simply put, Women Taking Action ensures that more children at risk of neglect are given the help they need to grow up in a secure, stable and nurturing environment.

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It's the best money I spend all year.
Helen Boaden, WTA member

Women Taking Action:

  • Promoting the fight against child neglect
  • Donating time, money and expertise
  • Changing children's lives

If you are interested in joining Women Taking Action and making a vital difference to the lives of disadvantaged and neglected children, then we would love to hear from you.

Please contact Maz Przybyszewska-Dan

Email MAZ


Please note: Women Taking Action is a fundraising and membership group that requires a financial contribution of at least £5,000 per year. If you are interested in volunteering for Action for Children in other areas, please visit the volunteering section for a range of opportunities.