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"For a child who is stuck in an abusive situation, your act of generosity could be the knock at the door that helps break the cycle of abuse. It can mean one of Action for Children’s caseworkers can be there when they are needed most. It can mean providing a safe home for a child who has known nothing but violence and neglect."

Will you give £5 a month to help stop the abuse?


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Seeing the work Action for Children do... it opens yours eyes to just how many children are suffering right now.
Larry Lamb Action for Children supporter
Bruising - 5050 - 2 children - colour

"It’s not until I spent time with Action for Children that I really appreciated the scale of the problem. And the nature of the violence some of these children suffer.

A 6-year-old boy being made to stand against the wall until he fell down, exhausted. 

When the caseworkers at Action for Children reach children like this, they can help stop the abuse. They can help give these children a safe and loving home. But they simply don’t have enough people on the ground to reach every child.

Your donation can help give an abused child a safe and loving home. Please, help stop the abuse by giving just £5 a month."

£3 a month could pay for children to have a healthy nutritious dinner

£5 a month could pay for emergency overnight support for a young person living on the street

£10 a month could provide a one-to-one play session for a child who has been abused




How Action for Children works: from before they are born until they are into their twenties, we help vulnerable children across the UK.

We help them through fostering or adoption – and by intervening early to stop neglect and abuse. Our 7,000 staff and volunteers operate over 600 services, improving the lives of 390,000 children, teenagers, parents and carers every year.