FirstGroup and Action for Children

We're teaming up with FirstGroup

Starting in April 2018, our new partnership with FirstGroup will aim to raise £1 million over three years to provide mental health support for disadvantaged children and young people to overcome the trauma they have experienced. Together we will show them that life is worth living.


One of FirstGroup’s key objectives is to create a positive and lasting impact in the communities they serve.  And there is no better way that they could demonstrate their commitment to local communities than supporting the most disadvantaged children in these local areas.

Many of the children we support in our services have been

  • physically, sexually or mentally abused.
  • have been in the care system after being removed from their parents,
  • live in poverty or are homeless,
  • they may have a disability or be caring for a sick relative – taking on the worries and responsibilities of an adult.

Our partnership will enable us to deliver essential specialist mental health support to children who desperately need our help.

"Before I had help I felt really lost. Life was a dark pit with no hope. Action for Children helped me to talk through my feelings if I was having a bad day. If it wasn't for them I don’t know where I’d be today and I definitely know people that wouldn't be here at all. There needs to be more support for people going through what I did."

Emma, 16, supported by Action for Children.

How we work

From before they are born until they are into their twenties, Action for Children helps disadvantaged UK children. By intervening early we stop neglect and abuse. We support young people who can’t cope. We make life better for disabled children. We do what’s right, what’s needed and what works for children. Action for Children provides essential support to these children and families via our network of 600 services base in the heart of local communities in all four nations.

Help us do more.

Your support will help us make life better for the UK's most vulnerable children and young people.