How to help

We help over 300,000 disadvantaged children and young people in the UK,  and we just couldn't do it without the help of our dedicated volunteers, campaigners and fundraisers.

There are so many ways you can get involved in our work and help even more children and young people. 

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Ways to donate

We provide support to over 300,000 children and young people throughout the UK. But there are so many more children that need our help.

We want to help them, but we can't do it without money. It's simple. The more money we have, the more children, families and young people we can help. 

But it's not just money - there are so many other ways you can donate - clothes, recycling, gifts in wills and so much more.


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Best Start in Life

Up and down the country, support for families from poor backgrounds is disappearing - and children are bearing the brunt. The Government pledged to give all children the Best Start in Life, but nearly half from poorer backgrounds have fallen behind. Take action to call on the Government to take urgent steps to produce a bold vision for the services than can help give children the Best Start in Life. 

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See the difference your support makes

“I can’t offer my mother a good level of support unless I’m looking after myself too. I wouldn’t be able to do this without knowing about the help available from projects ran by organisations like Action for Children.”

Jodie became a carer for her mother when she was just 11 years old. She is now 20 and about to finish university. There are thousands of young people across the UK who have cared for a family member since a young age. Action for Children supports young carers across the UK, providing practical and emotional support to ensure they enjoy and achieve, just like their peers. We can’t take away the caring responsibilities of young carers. But with a little support from you we can give them a break to learn and have fun, letting them balance their caring responsibilities with just being a child and growing up.

How your money helps


Support our campaigns

We campaign to improve the lives of the UK’s children. With help from our supporters we have already:

Secured a change in the law so that sustained emotional abuse of children, which causes psychological harm, is now recognised as a crime

Chance To Stay – changed the law in Wales so that young people in foster care have the chance to stay in a safe family environment until they are 21

On Our Own Two Feet – we got the Government to set up a savings scheme for children in care

Can you help us do more by supporting one of our campaigns?

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Fundraising events

Transform a child’s world and have fun at the same time. From marathons to sleep outs, there’s a fundraising event that will suit you. Challenge yourself and team up with friends, rally your colleagues, or go solo.


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Fundraising ideas

If you want to raise money for Action for Children, but are stuck for ideas we can help. Download one of our guides to fundraising, start an online fundraising campaign or get help from one of our local fundraising teams.

Fundraising ideas

Volunteer with us

There are lots of different ways you can volunteer with Action for Children. Whatever your skills and experience, and however much time you have to offer, we can find a way for you to help children in the UK.

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